If you’ve been a follower or read through anything on this website, you may not think that I’m the healthiest person on the planet. And you ‘d be correct. I’m used to trying out the latest sweet, treats, or beer. However, today, I felt like I ‘d post my thoughts and feelings on Shakeology.

shakeology flavors reviewFor those that don’t know, Shakeology is like a shake on steroids, but super healthy! It comes from Beachbody; makers of P90X, Insanity, etc. This shake can be used as a meal replacement or just a post exercise shake. It’s supposedly packed with the healthiest stuff you could possibly pack into a shake. However, it seems very expensive. A 30 day supply of the stuff is $130 bucks. So, if I was going to begin enjoying drinking this stuff, I wished to try all the flavors.

Thankfully, they have a “taste Sampler” pack you could get which includes 4 different Shakeology flavours. There’s Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, & Greenberry Nonetheless, for the flavor pack, it’s still $20 dollars, which is $5 bucks a shake. The 1 Month supply is equal to $4.33 a shake. I guess if you look at it as a food replacement, it’s less expensive than most dishes you could buy.

Anyway, my strategy is to add this things to my diet plan with my regular workouts/ running. That is, if I such as any one of these tastes. I have actually blended all my shakeology with almond milk. Here’s my reviews …

Greenberry. This was the taste I was most interested to attempt. After all, It’s not a normal flavor. So, as you could view, it’s nothing short of eco-friendly. It appears like something that would be in a comics. Something that would change a regular guy into some super-powered fanatic.

Smell: The odor seems something like Captain Crunch Crunch-berries.

Taste: At first it resembled I was drinking Crunch-berries. After that, the backend tastes like a sweet green tea. And that’s exactly what it tastes like. It’s like I poured green tea on my crunch berries. Surprisingly, it’s not a bad combo. It just takes a little getting utilized to. I will certainly recognize method a lot more after trying the other flavors, but this just isn’t for me.

Strawberry. This is the one I hope just tastes like strawberry quik. The powder actually looks more brownish than pink, but when mixed it has a pinkish hue.

Smell: Definitely has that strawberry scent. Sort of a cross in between Quik and Smurfberry Crunch.

Flavor: Unfortunately, it doesn’t taste like Strawberry Quik. In fact, it tastes similar to the Greenberry flavor if you ask me. It has a very bitter aftertaste. Almost has that children’s pain killers taste. I’m not really excavating this flavor. I think if I needed to strangle these down daily, I ‘d most likely combine some real strawberries and banana with it to make a far better flavor. However, straight with Almond milk, it tastes like faint sweet taste on top of all kinds of bitterness.

Vanilla. I’m really a huge fan of Vanilla. I like vanilla coffee over mocha, I also would instead have a vanilla shake over chocolate. Yet, lets see how I feel about a vanilla shakeology.

Smell: I really has the creamy scent of a vanilla ice cream. Actually it’s a little strong. Almost like Vanilla Extract.

Taste: This is absolutely rather plain. You have actually obtained a slight sweetness, but I can’t quite give you a good comparison. It has a little vanilla taste, but it tastes more like sweet milk at the bottom of your cereal dish. I simulate this, though. It’s not offending, and can probably be incorporated with anything actually easy.

Chocolate. Okay, I have high hopes for the Chocolate. You can not do chocolate wrong, can you?

Odor: I keep contrasting things to cereal, yet this smells like Matter Chocula in liquid form.

Preference: Here’s one I can support. Since they all seem to have the exact same bitter aftertaste, it actually kind of collaborate with the delicious chocolate. It’s got the abundant chocolate preference, but the harsh aftertaste makes this taste like you’re consuming a Dark Delicious chocolate bar. I certainly assume we have a winner with this one. Not perfect, but certainly at the top.



The chocolate & vanilla flavors are definitely my picks for the best Shakeology shakes. The most effective thing about these 2 tastes is they can conveniently be combined with other points very quickly. The delicious chocolate shake is pleading to be blended with peanut butter or banana. The vanilla would be terrific with some strawberries or blueberries.

So, there you go. If you are getting a 1 Month supply, I would go towards delicious chocolate or vanilla. However, if you must attempt one of the other 2, I most definitely suggest this “preference sampler” pack prior to acquiring a huge supply.

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